Represented by Galerie Elisabeth & Reinhard Hauff


2024 “Who art thou my vessel?”, Galerie Elisabeth & Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart, Germany2023 Vilnius Vibes. Kunst aus der Baltischen Kapitale, Angermuseum Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany
2023 “Source”, group exhibition, Państwowa Galeria Sztuki w Sopocie, Sopot, Poland
2022 “Looking Forward to Meet Me”, solo exhibition, Photography museum, Šiauliai, Lithuania
2021 “Permainų šventė”, group exhibition, MO museum, Vilnius
2021 “Looking Forward to Meet Me”, Prospekto galerija,  solo exhibition, Vilnius
2021 “Looking Forward to Meet Me”, ISSP gallery, solo exhibition, Riga.
2020 “Homo Absentia” group exhibition, Lewben Art Foundation, Vilnius

2020 "Visage(s) D'Europe", Festival_Circulations, group exhibition, Paris
2020 "Wunderkammer", Riga Photography Biennial, Latvian Museum of Photography, group exhibition, Riga
2020 "Inner dialogue", apiece gallery, solo exhibition, Palanga, Lithuania
2019 "Inner Dialogue", Ten-gallery, solo exhibition, Mannheim, Germany
2019 ENTER. Belgrade photomonth, group exhibition, Belgrade
2018 "The Big Picture", Art Vilnius'18, together with The Rooster gallery, group exhibition, Vilnius
2018 "New Chic", Riga Photomonth, group exhibition, Riga
2018 "The Big Picture", The Rooster gallery, group exhibition, Vilnius
2017 "Estonian photographic art fair 2017", Tallinn
2017 "Outside the Wall", group exhibition, Nida art colony, Nida, Lithuania

2017 "My story" Pamenkalnio gallery, group exhibition, Vilnius
2016 "Public Secrets" Pamenkalnio gallery, solo exhibition, Vilnius
2016 "Public Secrets" Panke, solo exhibition, Berlin
2015 "Public Secrets" Arts printing House, solo exhibition, Vilnius
2015 “550” gallery “Vartai”, group exhibition, Vilnius

MO museum
Noewe Foundation
SEB bank art collection

State Gallery of Art, Sopot, PL.
Various private collections

2020 Portraitzine. Issue Gintas K
2017  Portraitzine. Issue Remigijus
2015  Public Secrets

2023 FFWS Residency, Sopot, Poland.
2022 Lithuanian Council for Culture, Artist scholarship.

2021 VV Foundation grant
2021 PAiR Residency
2020 Winners of the Riga Photography Biennial – NEXT and ISSP Gallery Award 2021 “Seeking the Latest in Photography!”
2020 Nordic Culture Point grant.
2020 The 2019 Gomma Prix Award.
2018 Lithuanian Council for Culture, Artist scholarship.
2017 One of Riga Photography Biennial nominees for Award 2018 Seeking the Latest in Photography.
2016 Granted the status of an artist.
2016 Awarded as publisher by Lithuanian Culture Ministry at Book art contest 2015 for most beautiful book (Public Secrets) @ Artistic and documentary photography publications theme.
2015 1st place winner of "Kaunas Photo Festival" portfolio reviews.
2015 Lithuanian Council for Culture, Artist scholarship.
2014 – 2016 Residency at “Art printing house”.
I am fascinated by the dynamic relationship between photography and reality. My work embraces the multifaceted nature of imagery, where photographs go beyond mere representations to become a complex interplay of past memories and present experiences, spanning from the visual to the auditory and tactile realms.

I explore themes that bridge the observable world with the realms of the subconscious, dreams, and fiction. My work is an investigation into the intricate ties between the observer and the observed, the tangible and the elusive aspects of self, and the interplay of reality and imagination.

My palette of tools and materials is diverse, ranging from everyday snapshots to carefully constructed  constructed images. I also incorporate a variety of objects and contexts to enrich the narrative and texture of my work. This eclectic approach allows me to blend low-fidelity and high-fidelity aesthetics, creating a unique visual language that traverses the spectrum from classic analog techniques to contemporary digital practices.

I invite viewers to explore the intricate dance of memory, perception, and imagination that defines our experience of reality.

Collaborated with:  L'UOMO Vogue, Dazed Digital, i-D online, Zeit Campus, NEON magazin, Nido, "Let it Go",, Granvat, Stroom records and others.