Public Secrets

The Public Secrets is a collection of urban experiences. The geography of these experiences spans both the city’s nightlife (as well as what’s left behind the scenes) and private spaces which provoke and, often, dictate specific actions. The city is a setting that produces situations, in which one can participate and, by participating, change the contours of this space, at least in the sense of perception and seeing.

The author captures the environment (the city and its people) in a distinctive manner that is intimate, subjective and minimal. These are poignant sensations, charismatic characters, public stories and private truths. Yet the photographer never violates privacy, as, while being a participant and witness of events, he focuses on eloquent details of the situation. Vivid shots become an individual phenomenological study comprising scenes from the backstage of culture and everyday life, which are as crucial for getting a comprehensive and genuine view of the city as is its official, façade image.
Text by Ausra Trakselyte

Works from the project included at MO museum collection in 2021.
Selected as one of the winning books in the Paris Livre Circulation(s) Festival.
Book art contest 2015, Awarded as most beautiful book @ Artistic and documentary photography publications theme.
Featured Dazed and Confused.
GUP magazine book review.
FK magazine, The Best East European Exhibition in 2015.
The Calvert Journal featured Public Secrets as one of beautiful photo book from the new east.
Included to ‘Discoveries‘ section in annual yearbook "Lithuanian Photography Yesterday and Today 2015".
"Public Secrets" was awarded with 1st prize of Kaunas Photo Festival portfolio reviews.
Interview about me and "Public Secrets" for OST SEE magazine.